Kommande spel

Titel Format Release
Minecraft Dungeons Nintendo Switch 2020-05-26
Ninjala™ Nintendo Switch 2020-05-27
Atomicrops Switch Download 2020-05-28
Fly Punch Boom! Switch Download 2020-05-28
BioShock: The Collection Nintendo Switch 2020-05-29
Borderlands Legendary Collection Nintendo Switch 2020-05-29
XCOM® 2 Collection Nintendo Switch 2020-05-29
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch 2020-05-29
Supermash Switch Download 2020-05-31
Do Not Feed the Monkeys Switch Download 2020-06-01

Senaste spel

Titel Format Release
Animal Up! Switch Download 2020-05-22
Concept Destruction Switch Download 2020-05-22
Monstrum Nintendo Switch 2020-05-22
The Wonderful 101: Remastered Nintendo Switch 2020-05-22
Arrest of a stone Buddha Switch Download 2020-05-21
Chess Switch Download 2020-05-21
Fluxteria Switch Download 2020-05-21
Jigsaw Masterpieces Switch Download 2020-05-21
Journey to the Savage Planet Nintendo Switch 2020-05-21
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine Switch Download 2020-05-21